ESLITE LIFE Cookware Reviews – Compete Analysis

ESLITE LIFE Cookware Reviews

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With exceptional cookware features, ESLITE LIFE has become a brand that stands out among other culinary brands. Unlike non-stick utensils, its products can withstand high temperatures because of the granite coating. 

Moreover, this brand’s cookwares are crafted from advanced die-cast aluminum technology. As a result, it has unparalleled heat retention and even distribution properties.

Furthermore, the brand has also boasted some other innovative design elements for the diverse needs of modern cooks. Besides, its aesthetic appeal also adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. 

This Cookware set makes the cooking process more accessible and more comfortable. So in this article, I will provide ESLITE LIFE Cookware reviews based on my cooking experience with this set of pans and pots. I will cover every aspect, including its construction, cooking performance, and compatibility with different stovetops.  

ESLITE LIFE Cookware reviews 

The following are some facts and features of the set that are important to discuss: 

ESLITE LIFE Cookware Reviews

Kitchen tools and Accessories

Cooking is an art and requires various utensils based on different needs. That’s why the plus point of this set is that it comes with 12 other pieces of kitchen products. 

First, it has two frying pans of sizes 8-inch and 11-inch. As we all know, a frying pan is the most commonly used thing in everyday cooking. Based on this need, pans included in this set are well-equipped to ensure longevity. 

What makes this set even more dynamic is the addition of two saucepans. Their sizes are 1.5 Quart and 2.5 Quart, respectively. Besides making different sauces, they can be used for preparing gravies and boiling vegetables, as they come with lids. 

Apart from this, the set is empowered by a 5 QT stock pot with a lid. This generous pot is beneficial if you host a family dinner, a holiday feast, or a friendly gathering. Its broad base and tall sides make it ideal for slow-cooking and simmering dishes. 

In addition to that, for scrambling eggs to flipping pancakes, the set has wooden spatulas. It is advantageous when working with delicate foods. Also, it does not cause damage to the surface of the pans and pots

At last, a silicone spoon completes this set. It allows efficient serving without messy drips or spills and keeps the cooking space clean.

Design and body material

The body of the ESLITE LIFE cookware set is made of die-casting Aluminum. This innovative technology involves using molds to cast molten Aluminum. This procedure results in Cookware that is precisely formed and has exceptional detail. Furthermore, the base has heat-conduction magnets that suit many stoves including gas, electric

The lids included are well-fitting and also have a steam vent. This avoids excessive heat collection in the pots avoiding over-cooking. Also, the handles of the tops don’t catch heat at all. 

However, you have to assemble the lids and the handles yourself. Putting the spare pieces together with washers and screws is difficult as the manufacturer provides no instructions. 

Aside from all that, the handles are constructed from Bakelite, a thermosetting plastic known for remarkable heat resistance. Also, they are designed to provide a comfortable grip to have reasonable control over your pans and pots while cooking. 

A drawback of this material is that it can shrink if frequently exposed to extreme temperature changes. So the handles can be loosened with time. But that’s not a big issue. In this case, tighten the screws, and everything will be on point.  

Healthy Non-stick coating

The primary concerns of non-stick kitchenware are the durability and heat-sensitivity of their non-stick coat. Fortunately, ESLITE LIFE cookware has covered both of these issues. 

With its Granite coating, it doesn’t only provide a healthier choice but also an ideal non-stick surface. Besides, it’s speckled pattern and elegant finish make the set even more attractive.

The coating is free of harmful chemicals like PFAO, which prioritizes well-being. Furthermore, it doesn’t wear off or release toxic fumes if exposed to high heat. But if you want to increase the life span of your utensils, use them on medium flame. 

The non-stick surface also makes the utensils easy to clean. A downside is that they need to be more suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Hand washing them would be best to prevent any scratches or warping of the surface coating.

Usability and functionality

The utensils’ die-cast aluminum construction provides exceptional cooking performance. Despite being lightweight, they are not flimsy at all. So they are well-constructed enough to replace the traditional cast iron cookware that is quite heavy. 

Also, it heats up quickly and evenly and retains heat for a long time. However, they are not recommended to use in the oven. 

Compatibility options

The bottoms of pans and pots are designed to be suitable for all types of stoves, from gas, ceramic, and electric, to induction cooktops. The magnetized base works excellently, interferes with the magnetic fields of induction stoves, and heats up fast and consistently. 

Only the smallest saucepan does not work on an induction stove. The reason is that the base is too small to trigger the heat.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

This 12-piece pans and pot set come with less price tag without compromising quality. It is available at approximately $130.33, comparable with the GreenLife 12 Piece Cookware Pots and Pans Set, for around $129.99. 

However, this ESLITE LIFE kitchenware set is the best alternative to a cast iron set that is relatively much more expensive than this cast Aluminum set.

Final View

Based on my testing and experimentation, this ESLITE LIFE Cookware set review will help you make a better decision. In short, everything, including pans, pots, and accessories in the set, is made of high-quality material. The die casting Aluminum technology makes these utensils light and easy to use while cooking. 

Be prepared for the assembly of the handles as they come separately. Nevertheless, they are ergonomic and provide a secure grip without burning the fingers. However, they can shrink and be loosened; a screwdriver can fix this problem quickly. 

Additionally, each piece is skillfully designed to make it compatible with all cooktops. However, the smaller frypan needs to heat up properly on induction stoves. 

The non-stick coating fulfills its duty and retains its properties over a long time. This cookware set provides an affordable, nutritious, and joyful cooking experience.

ESLITE LIFE Cookware Reviews


Are granite Cookware safe to use?

Yes, granite cookware is safe to use and a healthier choice. It is free from harmful chemicals like PFOA and PFOS, so no toxic chemicals leach into the food. 

Can I use the ESLITE LIFE set for high-heat cooking methods?

You can use the ESLITE LIFE cookware set for high-heat cooking. However, medium heat is advisable to keep your set functional for long. 

What makes ESLITE LIFE Cookware suitable to use on induction stovetops?

The bottom of ESLITE LIFE cookware typically contains heat induction magnets. These magnets interact with the electromagnetic field of induction stovetops and distribute heat evenly. 

How are ESLITE LIFE utensils made?

ESLITE LIFE utensils are made with a specialized manufacturing process, die casting. It is a technique where molten Aluminum is added to a die or mold to create the desired utensil shape. They further undergo additional surface treatments like non-stick coating, etc. 

Does ESLITE LIFE non-stick cookware require oil before cooking?

Although ESLITE LIFE non-stick cookware has an exceptional granite coating that releases food effortlessly, minimal oil usage enhances flavor and browning without the food sticking to the surface.

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