Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove? Perfect Wok Choice

Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

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Wok has always been the best for enhancing the taste and flavor of food. But before using a Wok, you need to know what kind of stove it works with, especially an electric stove.

So can you use a Wok on an electric stove? 

Yes, flat-bottomed Wok are compatible with electric stoves. However, you cannot use a round-bottomed Wok directly. But you can use a specially made metallic ring to use a round-bottomed Wok on an electric stove.

 Therefore, it depends on the type of Wok you are using, whether flat-bottomed or round-bottomed. Please continue reading this article to learn more about the Woks which perfectly works with electric stoves.  


Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove? A Details Answer 

Round-Bottomed Wok:

 A round-bottomed Wok cannot directly fit on an electric stove because it is specifically designed for gas stoves. The flame from a gas stove hits its bottom directly, resulting in excellent cooking.

You must purchase a separate ring designed for stove use to use a round-bottomed Wok effectively on an electric stove. You can use this cookware safely by placing this ring on the electric stove.

Without the ring, using a round-bottomed Wok on an electric stove seems impossible. But before purchasing ring make sure its size is compatible with the Wok. If the ring is smaller than its, there is a risk of the Wok overturning.

This can ruin and waste your food and cause burns and serious damage. Therefore, always consider the size of the electric stove when purchasing it and also the size of the Wok when purchasing the ring.  

Flat-bottomed Wok

Flat-bottomed Wok perfectly fits on an electric stove due to their perfect fit. With flat Wok, there is no need for additional equipment, such as a ring or similar tools.

how to use a wok on an electric stove

Let’s understand

Set minimum two burners with differing heat levels

Typically, electric stoves takes more time to heat up and cool down than gas and other stoves. Therefore, it is important to use two burners simultaneously to save time. For instance, you can set one burner to high heat and the other to low heat.

This way, when low heat is required during cooking, you can shift the Wor from the high-heat burner to the low-heat burner and vice versa. However, if you use a burner in the kitchen, adjusting the heat according to the cooking needs is crucial to prevent the food from burning.

Preheat wok

  Woks are primarily made of cast iron and carbon steel, which have a slower heating time. However, even heat distribution is crucial for achieving perfectly cooked food. Similarly, electric burners also require a significant amount of time to heat up.

Therefore, preheating the Wok for ten minutes before cooking is recommended. This is because carbon steel and cast iron cookware have excellent heat retention properties. Adding food to the Wok will evenly distribute the heat, ensuring quick and efficient cooking.  

Apply oil on the wok surface

As Woks are made of carbon steel and cast iron, applying a little oil before cooking is very useful. This helps the Wok heat up and withstand high temperatures while strengthening its non-stick coating. Oil creates a protective layer between it and the food, preventing the ingredients from reaching the bottom.

Additionally, this layer of oil conducts heat and promotes even heat distribution across the Wok’s surface. Furthermore, it aids in preventing food from sticking and adds flavor to the food.

 To prevent burning, move your food in the pan

Unlike the round Wok, the flat surface provides a consistent heat distribution, rapidly heating the its surface. However, this can lead to food burning quickly.

Therefore, moving the food ingredients in the pan while cooking continuously is advisable. Adjust the heat levels as needed to prevent the food from getting burnt.

Also, always consider size when purchasing a Wok. It’s important to note that if the Wok is larger than the electric stove, heat will be wasted from the edges and not evenly distributed across the entire surface.

Consequently, the food may cook poorly, with some parts being under-cooked while others remain raw. Additionally, there is a risk of the over-sized wok tipping over, not just the food but also causing burns. Therefore, selecting a Wok size that matches your electric stove when shopping is advisable.


Which Wok is better suited for an electric burner?

Unlike Woks made of other materials, carbon steel are best suited for electric stoves due to their lightweight nature and ability to heat and cool quickly.

Additionally, carbon steel Woks are cheaper than cast iron. The wok’s always-cool handles make it easy to hold while cooking, protecting against burns.

Can you use a Wok on a glass-top stove?

Flat surface Woks are best for glass stoves because they are lightweight and do not require a unique ring to fit.

However, round bottom cannot be used on glass stoves as they need a metal ring, which can harm the glass surface.

Can you use any frying pan on an electric stove?

Stoneware, glass, and ceramic cookware are unsuitable for electric stoves as they cannot withstand high heat. They are prone to cracking and breaking while cooking and can also scratch the stove’s surface.

While Cast iron, copper and other types of frying pan are perfect for electric stove.

What is the best frying pan material for an electric stove?

Frying pans made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and cast iron materials are best suited for use on electric stoves. In contrast, frying pans made of glass and ceramic materials are unsuitable for electric stoves.

Do Woks have flat bottoms?

Initially, the Wok was round-bottomed. However, as time passed, these cookwares were molded into various shapes to accommodate modern stoves.

Similarly, using a round-bottomed Wok on an electric stove was challenging, which led to the design of flat-bottomed Woks for ease of use. Flat-bottomed are considered the best option for electric stoves.


A round-bottomed Wok does not work well with an electric stove. However, a specially designed flat-bottomed Wok is highly suitable for this purpose.

Woks made of stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, and aluminum materials are the best options for electric stoves. On the other hand, glass cookware, stone cookware, and ceramic cookware cannot be used on electric stoves.

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