8 Best Wok for Gas Stove – Top-Rated Wok for Gas Stove

Best Wok for Gas Stove

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If you’re passionate about cooking and love the versatility in Kitchen, then having the best Wok for gas stoves is essential. Whether stir-frying vegetables, searing meat, or preparing a bowl of delicious fried rice, the right Wok can enhance your cooking experience. 

The reason is that combining a Wok and a gas stove offers several unique advantages. For example, Woks used on gas stoves offer versatility in cooking techniques.  

Likewise, combination of the high heating capacity of gas stoves and rapid cooking in a wok ensures that ingredients retain their vibrant colours, crispness, and natural flavours.  

However, before purchasing a Wok for your gas stove, it is crucial to understand the key features that ensure optimal performance. The material of the Wok, shape, size, handle design, heat distribution, everything matters a lot. 

Keeping all these things in mind, COOKLOVER Nonstick Wok can be best wok for gas stove for mastering the art of stir-frying. Apart from its functionality, it is designed gorgeously.

Furthermore, its compact size makes it ideal for kitchens with limited storage space. Its nonstick coatings allow for effortless food release and simple cleanup.

In addition to that, here are five top picks for the best Woks options suitable for gas stove cooking. After complete experimentation and testing, I have selected them to discuss in this article. They all have unique features and specialize in creating delicious meals that will impress your family and friends. 

Best Wok for Gas Stove Review

1 Craft Wok

Craft Wok has become a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. It is the best round bottom Wok for gas stoves. Their round shape allows for even heat distribution, ensuring your ingredients are perfectly cooked. However, its shape is not compatible with flat electric stoves

bottom of Craft Wok

This cookware is made of carbon steel that is durable and sturdy but quite heavy in weight. If you are petite, you might want lighter Wok that is more feasible.

It also comes with a heat-resistant wooden handle that makes it easy to handle while cooking. Additionally, it features a unique hand-hammered surface. 

This technique helps to prevent food from sticking and promotes better heat distribution. To avoid rusting, it is recommended to season Wok before use. Seasoning also allows it to create a natural nonstick surface.

Furthermore, it is scratch-resistant and straightforward to clean. All you need to clean it is hot water and a kitchen brush. Never use abrasives (like a steel scrub) on the surface; doing so will remove the finish.

_Craft Wok review


  • Unique hand-hammered surface
  • Has non-sticking properties  
  • The round bottom promotes better heat distribution 
  • It has a heat-resistant wooden handle
  • Made up of sturdy carbon steel 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Scratch resistant 


  • Quite heavy
  • Not feasible to use for flat stove tops

2 WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok

The WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok is another outstanding choice for gas stove cooking. The Wok is thoughtfully shaped with a broad base and sloping sides. It allows for efficient heat retention and easy tossing of ingredients.

Unlike Craft Wok, due to its versatile shape, it can be used with all types of stoves, including flat stovetops. Furthermore, it is a carbon steel Wok that does not require any chemical-based nonstick coating. All it needs is seasoning. 

WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok bottom

However, it comes pre-seasoned but still needs to be seasoned before use. This seasoning creates a nonstick surface that improves with each use. You can follow this guide to season this Wok.

This feature makes it ideal for stir-frying various ingredients without worrying about sticking. A notable thing here is that it may show rusted spots if not seasoned properly. 

A long wooden handle is present that offers a comfortable grip. It keeps your hands cool while providing precise control over the cooking process.

Another appreciable thing is that it has a nice silicon lid, making it easy to monitor the cooking progress. Unfortunately, the cover does not fit the body of the Wok. The rim on the lid is larger than the Wok, and it floats on top of the body instead of fitting in.

Besides, this Wok has a perfectly smooth interior, making it easy to clean. But it is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed with warm water.

WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok review


  • Easy to clean
  • Made up of cast iron
  • It does not have an artificial nonstick coating
  • It comes with a nice glass lid
  • It fits a wide range of stoves, including flat electric stoves
  • It has a long wooden handle 


  • The lid does not fit the Wok properly
  • Suspected to rusting in case of poor seasoning 

3 Lodge Cast Iron Wok

With extra heat retention and even heat distribution, this Wok is a must-have for every cook. This cookware is made of high-quality cast iron, is durable, and allows you to achieve uniform cooking results.

‎It is a large-sized cookware having a diameter of 18.06 inches. The generous capacity allows you to cook large batches of food. Additionally, the walls are 14.56 inches high. These high sides prevent spills and splatters, keeping your stovetop clean and safe. 

It comes with two modern handles, but they become hot too. So it requires silicon handle insulators while working on high flame. As the handles are short, you can not lift them with one hand. So it is challenging to stir fry using this Wok.

Overall, it has a flat bottom that can fit on gas stoves and electric stoves. And this make it best wok for electric stove. As it is a cast iron Wok, it is heavy and takes a relatively long time to heat up. 

Unlike WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok and Craft Wok, it does not require seasoning. The natural nonstick properties of the Wok enable you to cook with less oil, promoting healthier cooking without compromising on flavour.

 Lodge Cast Iron Wok review


  • It comes pre-seasoned
  • Has natural non-sticking properties
  • The flat bottom makes it equally fit to use on an electric stove
  • Large enough to cook anything
  • Durable and has high heat retention capacity 
  • Even heat distribution 


  • It cannot be used with one hand for stir-frying 
  • The handle is not insulated 
  • Heavy 

4 kaqinu Carbon Steel Wok Pan

It is constructed with premium-grade carbon steel, known for its superior heat conductivity and durability. Owing to its flat bottom, it can be used in all types of stoves. It might be surprising that this Wok is also safe for ovens.

Also, it is not heavy-duty and is susceptible to bending if slipped from your hand. Like cast-iron skillets, once seasoned, it shows natural nonstick characteristics. For the long life of your Wok, season it every once in a while. It will also become rust-resistant after seasoning. 

It is one of the best Wok for gas stoves that can help you explore the rich and diverse flavors of Asian cuisine in your Kitchen. To reduce the chances of scratches, its interior has a beautiful honeycomb pattern that gives it aesthetic beauty. 

Furthermore, it has a long detachable wooden handle. The handle is riveted to the Wok to increase its stability and durability. Moreover, it has a wooden lid that acts as a heat insulator. But it also has a bad woody smell that can annoy some people. 

All that aside, it is highly affordable and comes with other kitchen accessories and a Wok ring. 

kaqinu Carbon Steel Wok Pan review


  • Scratch resistant due to its beautiful honeycomb pattern
  • It comes with a wooden heat-resistant lid
  • Durable and good conductor of heat
  • It has a long detachable wooden handle 
  • Without any chemical-based coating 


  • The lid has an annoying woody smell
  • Not made up of heavy-duty

5 COOKLOVER Nonstick Woks 

This Wok is a must-have for anyone seeking professional-level results in the Kitchen. From stir-frying to sautéing and deep-frying, the COOKLOVER Nonstick Wok proves to be a versatile tool.

It is typically made with an aluminium construction having a thickness of 3.5mm, which provides quick and even heat distribution. Besides, it has an eye-catching look and will grab the attention of beauty lovers. 

Being one of the best nonstick woks for gas stoves, it is internally and externally coated with a toxin-free, nonstick coating.This layer of coating maintains its durability as well. Also, it gives a smooth and shiny surface that makes it easy to clean. 

However, like other nonstick utensils, the nonstick coating may wear off if not treated well. As a result, the food starts sticking at the center, making it hard to clean. It is safe to use up to 260° C.

It also comes with a glass lid with a beautiful knob that enables it to stand up, which is a nice feature. Avoid washing this glass cover in dishware. Its wooden handle also seamlessly blends with the Wok’s design, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing look.


  • It has an elegant design to add a touch of sophistication to your Kitchen
  • Made up of Aluminum 
  • Has nonstick coating in both interior and exterior
  • The transparent glass cover can stand vertically
  • A Long detachable wooden handle 
  • Known for its flat bottom and versatility 


  • The nonstick coating may peel off if not maintained well
  • The glass lid is not compatible with the dishwasher


YOSUKATA Blue Wok grabs the attention as the best Wok for gas stoves for multiple reasons. Firstly, using 15 gauge carbon steel in its construction results in fast and even heat distribution, allowing it to achieve high temperatures rapidly on a gas stove. 

Secondly, its interior is visibly hammered while maintaining a smooth surface. This textured surface holds the food up on the side of the Wok where the heat is less and keeps it warm while your other food cooks in the centre.

Ultimately, this makes it easier to stir-fry and toss your dishes. Thirdly, it is a large 14-inch cookware with a traditional round bottom that makes it ideal for open-flame cooking, such as in a gas range.

round bottom of YOSUKATA Blue Wok

However, the blue Wok must be seasoned before the first use despite being pre-seasoned. It is not as easy as using a non-stick-coated Wok but it develops an amazing stick-free surface once seasoned. 

Maintenance of the Wok also becomes easy because of its blue finish. Dry it properly after washing, and apply some oil after every use. This oil layer will prevent it from rusting. 

However, be careful when working with acidic food. Use of food content like tomatoes, vinegar, citrus, fermented stuff, etc., can remove the seasoning on your Wok and may make your food taste metallic.

Furthermore, YOSUKATA Blue Wok also features a Rivet-free wooden handle. The downside is that it is welded at a somewhat upright angle of 45 degrees.

So, it needed to be lowered for short-sighted people to pick up this cookware of much weight with one hand. The handle also seems loose, but you need not worry about it. It is sturdy and would not fall apart. But it may jiggle a little bit when the Wok is lifted. 

 best Wok for gas stoves


  • Has 15 Gauge carbon steel construction
  • Features hand Hammered surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Large capacity Wok with a round bottom
  • Has a welded heat resistant wooden handle 


  • The handle doesn’t provide a comfortable grip
  • Needs seasoning before first use

7 Todlabe Nonstick Wok

Todlabe Nonstick Wok is another carbon steel constructed cookware well-suited for gas burners’ high and immediate heat output. Therefore, it offers carefree cooking performance and serves consistent results. 

One of the most important things to notice when buying a Wok is its bottom. The Todlabe wok is flat-bottomed, which gives it versatility. It is one of the best Wok for gas stoves and is perfectly designed to fit on any stovetop, such as electric or induction stoves, without any Wok ring. 

Furthermore, this 13-inch Wok has a greater curve and higher walls. Because of this design, heat is less concentrated on the bottom and is distributed up the walls. Also, its high sides are perfect for tossing ingredients without making a mess. 

Another impressive feature of this culinary gem is its lack of chemical coating to flake off. It comes seasoned and has a natural, nonstick surface. In short, this stylish, top-rated Wok ensures that everything slides off like a dream.

Still, seasoning your Wok every once in a while is recommended to enhance its nonstick features. This cookware has a horizontal riveted handle for a secure grip, making cooking feel like a piece of cake.

Moreover, it also has a thoughtfully designed vertical lid with a wooden handle. It fits nicely, helping to lock in flavours and retain heat while cooking. 

This feature is especially beneficial when simmering or steaming the dishes, as it helps to create a controlled cooking environment. Additionally, with the help of its handle, the lid stands upright and saves cooking space.

The only problem is that the Wok comes with a metallic spatula, and no clear instructions are provided on gently using it while cooking. It potentially scratches up the Wok and affects its nonstick surface. As a result, food starts sticking to the surface, making cleaning difficult.   

best Wok for gas stoves


  • Versatile flat bottom
  • Made of carbon steel 
  • Comes with a vertical lid with a wooden handle
  • Has a horizontally riveted wooden handle
  • No chemical coating
  • Has high walls and a great curve


  • Requires seasoning frequently 
  • The included metal spatula potentially damages the Wok

8 LOLYKITCH Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Wok

Another best-rated wok, LOLYKITCH Wok, emerges as a kitchen buddy for those seeking perfection in stir-frying on a gas stove. It is a tri-ply constructed Wok having three layers of metal. The inside and outside of this cookware are made of stainless steel, making it durable, scratch, and corrosion-resistant. 

The middle layer is made of Aluminum, an exceptional heat conductor. This unique combination provides both efficient heat distribution and long-lasting quality. Furthermore, it can withstand years of heavy use without warping or losing shape. 

It is 13 inches in size with a flat bottom and sloped sides. This design allows even heating and makes it an ideal Wok for gas ranges and all stove types. The high sides also prevent the oil from splattering the stovetop. 

Since it does not have any coating at all, it is the healthiest and indispensable kitchen tool. It becomes nonstick cookware when seasoned two to three times.

 But don’t worry; the seasoning process of cookware is straightforward. All you have to do is add oil and let it heat until it smokes. It is partially nonstick when seasoned first, and food content tends not to stick. 

As it has no coating and the interior is also made of stainless steel, it is dishwasher-safe and compatible with metallic utensils. Furthermore, the LOLYKITCH Tri-Ply stainless steel Wok has a glass cover with a steam hole that allows you to enjoy slow cooking. Additionally, it comes with a detachable handle. 

You can put it off and on with the help of screws and a small wrench provided to fix the handle. Even during long cooking sessions, the handle remains cool to the touch. Also, it is low and provides excellent balance while stir-frying. 

ideal Wok for gas ranges


  • Has three-layered construction
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant and Dishwasher safe
  • Cool stainless steel detachable handle
  • Does not have any artificial coating 


  • Not nonstick at the first use


What is the best kind of Wok to use on a gas stove?

The best type of Wok for a gas stove will depend on your cooking style and preferences. When selecting, consider the material, shape and size, handle design, bottom type, quality, and additional features.

What type of Wok is good for health?

A Wok made of carbon steel is generally considered a good option for health-conscious individuals. It is a non-toxic material that does not leach harmful chemicals into food.

What is the best gas stove stir fry pan?

A Wok is the best pan for stir-frying on a gas stove. Its round-bottomed shape, sloping sides, and high heat conductivity make it ideal for stir-frying.

Is carbon steel Wok better than nonstick?

Carbon steel Wok is better than nonstick as it develops a naturally nonstick surface over time. However, seasoning carbon steel Wok requires effort and expertise for better results. 

What is the best thickness for a Wok?

The best thickness for a Wok is typically between 1.5 to 2.5 millimetres. This thickness range strikes a balance between heat conductivity and durability. 


Choosing the best Wok for gas stoves requires careful consideration of various factors. With a wide range of Woks available in the market, it sometimes needs to be clarified to get one that also aligns with your lifestyle and cooking habits.

As mentioned earlier, I have selected the Woks based on their distinct characteristics and functionality. If you cannot decide, try using Kaqinu Carbon Steel Wok Pan. 

With its carbon steel construction, generous size, rapid and even heating, ergonomic design, affordability, and compatibility with gas stoves, this Wok provides an exceptional cooking experience. 

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